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Mini-float switch

Mini-float switch (stainless steel/brass)

Data sheet

A7 Mini SS 1

Mini-float switch (plastic)

Mini-float switch for the process industry and industrial applications

  • Application of the Engler Mini-float switch in almost all kind of fluids
  • Recording of levels in shipbuilding, off-shore, petrochemical and chemical sector, plant engineering, mechanical engineering, hydraulic power packs, cooling systems, potable water treatment, food- and beverage industry, power plants and other power systems
  • Through the compact design Engler mini-float switches are particularly suitable for small tanks, system- and controlling of hydraulic power packs
  • Offers various standardized versions concerning connection, mounting, material and function
  • Individual solutions regarding connection, mounting, material and function are also available
  • Up to 2 switching points as N.C. contact, N.O. contact or changeover contact
  • Temperature switch or temperature sensor available on request

Mini float switches are small yet powerful sensors that can be used for precise level measurements in a variety of industries. They are specially designed for use in tight spaces. Their compact construction allows them to be easily installed in small containers and systems. They enable precise level measurements, even in narrow spaces where conventional sensors reach their limits.

Operating Principle

The operating principle of a float switch based on a reed contact relies on the use of a reed contact as a switching element. A float switch consists of a buoyant body, also known as a float, which floats on the liquid level. The buoyant body is equipped with a magnet.

As the liquid level changes, the buoyant body moves up or down accordingly. When it reaches a certain level, the magnet approaches the reed contact. The reed contact consists of two ferromagnetic contact blades placed inside a glass bulb. These blades are separated by a small air gap.

When the magnet of the buoyant body reaches the reed contact, the magnetic field attracts the ferromagnetic blades and brings them together. This action closes the contact blades, completing an electrical circuit. This closed circuit can be used to send a signal, such as triggering an alarm or controlling a motor.


  • Precise Level Monitoring: Mini float switches allow you to monitor the level of your liquids precisely. Thanks to the reed contact, they provide reliable and accurate measurements to prevent overfilling or underfilling. This enables you to control your processes optimally and effectively prevent operational disruptions or production downtime.
  • Versatile Applications: The applications of mini float switches are nearly limitless. Whether in shipbuilding, petrochemicals, mechanical engineering, or the food industry, mini float switches can be used in various industries. Their compact design allows for installation in confined spaces and tanks with limited space.
  • Robust Construction and Long-lasting Performance: Mini float switches are known for their robust construction. They are made from high-quality materials that give them a long lifespan and reliable performance in demanding environments. Whether exposed to aggressive chemicals, high temperatures, or harsh conditions, mini float switches stand up and provide precise measurements.
  • Custom Solutions for Your Requirements: With mini float switches, you have the option to receive custom solutions. You can choose from a variety of variants that match your specific requirements. Whether it's about the connection, attachment, or material, mini float switches offer flexibility to achieve the best results in your application.
  • Easy Installation and Maintenance: The installation and maintenance of mini float switches are simple and straightforward. They can be easily integrated into existing systems and do not require complex adjustments. Moreover, they are low-maintenance and provide a long-term solution for your level monitoring needs.

Industries and Applications

Shipbuilding and Offshore Industry
In shipbuilding and the offshore industry, precise level monitoring is crucial. Mini float switches are often used to monitor fuel tanks or ballast tanks and ensure precise level control. This helps minimize potential hazards and ensures efficient resource utilization.

Petrochemical and Chemical Industry
In the petrochemical and chemical industry, mini float switches play a vital role in monitoring tanks, containers, and processes. They enable reliable level detection of chemicals and other liquid media. Through precise measurement and monitoring, they contribute to safety, efficiency, and compliance with environmental regulations.

Plant Engineering and Mechanical Engineering
In plant engineering and mechanical engineering, mini float switches are frequently used to monitor cooling and lubrication systems. They ensure the level is maintained consistently and provide timely notification when refilling is needed. This helps prevent costly damage to machinery and equipment and optimizes operational uptime.

Hydraulic Units and Cooling Systems
Mini float switches also play a significant role in hydraulic units and cooling systems. They monitor the oil or coolant level, ensuring optimal performance and functionality. Their precise measurements contribute to preventing overheating or system failure.

Water Treatment and Food Industry
In water treatment and the food industry, hygienic level monitoring is essential. Mini float switches are used to reliably measure the level of tanks and containers. They ensure a continuous supply of clean drinking water and compliance with stringent quality standards in food production.


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