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Analogue Level Measurement Reed Chain

In today's highly technological world, level measurement in industrial plants, tanks, and containers is becoming increasingly important. Level measurement is a fundamental process in industry and significantly influences the efficiency and safety of operations. Analog level measurement using a reed chain has proven to be a true leader in this field. It allows for continuous and precise monitoring of liquid levels.

Operating Principle

The operating principle of an analog level sensor with a reed chain in combination with a float is based on exploiting the up and down movement of a float within the liquid level. The level sensor consists of a reed chain and a float. The reed chain comprises multiple individual reed switches spaced at regular intervals along a flexible metal strip. Each reed switch consists of two ferromagnetic contacts separated from each other by a glass housing. In contrast, the float is a buoyant body that rests on the surface of the liquid and moves up and down according to the level. The float is equipped with a magnet, while the reed chain is vertically positioned inside the container. When the liquid level changes, and the float rises or falls, the magnet moves along the reed chain. The individual reed switches of the reed chain respond to the magnetic field of the float. Once the magnet approaches a reed switch, the contacts of the reed switch close, generating an electrical signal. This signal is then captured by a measuring device or evaluation unit and converted into a measurable value.


  • Reliability: Analog level sensors with a reed chain are characterized by their high reliability. The reed chain consists of magnetic reed switches that, due to their simple construction and high switching accuracy, enable precise level detection.
  • Robustness: Reed chain sensors are typically robust and resistant to environmental influences such as vibrations, shocks, moisture, and temperature fluctuations. This ensures reliable performance even under challenging conditions.
  • Easy Installation: The installation of analog level sensors with a reed chain is usually straightforward and uncomplicated. They can be mounted in tanks or containers of various sizes and shapes without requiring complex configuration.
  • Wide Range of Applications: Analog level sensors with a reed chain find application in a variety of industries and applications, from the chemical industry to the food and beverage industry and energy generation. They are suitable for level measurement of liquids in different media and enable precise level monitoring.
  • Cost Efficiency: Analog level sensors with a reed chain are typically cost-effective in terms of acquisition and maintenance. They offer a good price-performance ratio and are an economical solution for level measurement.
  • Analog Output Signals: The sensors provide analog output signals, such as a 4-20mA or 0-10V current output. These signals can be easily processed by control or monitoring systems to monitor the level in real-time or perform automatic control operations.
  • Years of Experience: Analog level sensors with a reed chain have been in use in the industry for many years and have proven to be a reliable solution. The technology is well-researched and developed, ensuring high quality and functionality.

Applications and Industries

Cooling Systems
In cooling systems of machinery and equipment, controlling the coolant level is crucial to ensure optimal cooling and protect machine components. Analog level sensors with a reed chain monitor the coolant level and provide early warnings of low levels or leaks.

Hydraulic Systems
In hydraulic systems, analog level sensors play a vital role in monitoring the oil level in hydraulic reservoirs. This ensures reliable and efficient performance of hydraulic systems and allows for timely oil maintenance or refilling.

Lubrication Systems
In machinery and equipment, lubrication systems are used to ensure smooth and efficient operation of moving parts. Analog level sensors with a reed chain monitor the lubricant level, ensuring adequate lubrication. This extends the life of machine components and minimizes wear and tear.

Fuel Monitoring
For machinery or equipment operating with internal combustion engines, accurate fuel level measurement is essential. Analog level sensors enable precise monitoring of the fuel level in tanks to ensure uninterrupted operation and minimize fuel losses.

Chemical Industry
In the chemical industry, precise measurements of the level of chemicals and solvents are crucial. Our analog level sensors ensure accurate monitoring and control of the level in tanks and containers, enabling efficient process control and contributing to safety and product quality.

Food and Beverage Industry
The food and beverage industry requires precise level measurement for liquids such as water, milk, oils, juices, and other ingredients. Our analog level sensors ensure compliance with production standards, optimize the use of raw materials, and support manufacturing process efficiency.

Pharmaceutical Industry
In the pharmaceutical industry, precise control of the level of medications, solutions, and other chemical substances is of utmost importance. Our analog level sensors ensure precise measurement and monitoring to ensure consistent quality and dosage.

Oil and Gas Industry
The oil and gas industry requires accurate level measurement in storage tanks, wellhead tanks, and other facilities. Our analog level sensors offer a reliable solution for monitoring the level of crude oil, refined products, and chemicals, enabling efficient storage and optimized resource utilization.

Water and Wastewater Industry
In the water and wastewater industry, accurate level measurement in water tanks, treatment plants, and sewage facilities is crucial. Our analog level sensors provide precise and reliable measurements to monitor water levels, regulate flow, and ensure efficient operation of the facilities.


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