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Magnetostrictive Level Measurement

Our magnetostrictive level measurement systems enable highly accurate monitoring of liquid levels in tanks of various sizes and types. By using advanced sensors based on the magnetostrictive principle, we provide you with reliable and precise real-time measurement results. These level sensors allow continuous level monitoring, which is essential for detecting overfills or leaks and ensuring the safety of equipment and processes. When a specific fill level is reached, automatic controls or alarms can also be triggered. Additionally, the collected data can be transmitted in real-time to a control system for analysis and reporting purposes.

Operating Principle

The magnetostrictive measurement principle relies on the properties of certain materials that change under the influence of a magnetic field. One such material is the magnetostrictive wire, made of an alloy that responds magnetically when exposed to an external magnetic field.

In liquid level measurement with a float, the float is placed in the liquid whose level is to be measured. The float rises or falls according to the liquid level. A magnet is embedded in the float. A tube, enclosed by the float, contains a coil through which a short electrical pulse is sent to generate a magnetic field. This magnetic field propagates along the tube and reaches the magnet inside the float. When the magnetic field pulse reaches the magnet, it causes a magnetic alignment of the wire, resulting in a mechanical expansion or contraction of the wire. This expansion or contraction generates an elastic wave that travels along the wire. Simultaneously, the coil serves as a receiver, capturing the elastic wave as it returns to the starting point and converting it into an electrical signal. The time between sending the pulse and receiving the signal is measured. Since the speed at which the elastic wave propagates in the wire is known, the liquid's fill height can be calculated. Thus, the magnetostrictive float allows for precise measurement of liquid level. The measured values can then be evaluated accordingly and displayed or integrated into a control system to achieve functions such as level indication or automatic control of the filling process.


  • High Accuracy: Magnetostrictive level sensors offer high measurement accuracy, providing precise level measurements even in challenging operating conditions or when measuring aggressive media.
  • Fast Response Time: Magnetostrictive technology allows for rapid sensor response times. It captures changes in the liquid level in real-time, providing immediate measurement results, which is crucial for making quick adjustments and controls.
  • Wide Measuring Range: Magnetostrictive level sensors can be used within a broad measuring range. They are capable of accurately measuring fill levels from a few millimeters to one meter, enabling versatile applications in various container sizes.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Magnetostrictive level sensors are compatible with a variety of media. They can be installed in containers made of different materials, such as plastic or metal.
  • Robust Construction: Magnetostrictive level sensors are typically robust and durable. They can withstand challenging conditions in various industries, including exposure to aggressive chemicals, high temperatures, or pressures.
  • Easy Installation and Maintenance: The installation of magnetostrictive level sensors is usually straightforward and does not require complex devices.


Level Measurement
The magnetostrictive sensor continuously measures the fill level of the medium in a container or pipeline, providing accurate information about the amount of the medium present.

Flow Rate Control
Based on the fill level measurements, the flow rate of the medium can be controlled. This can be achieved, for example, by adjusting valves or pumps to achieve the desired flow.

Feedback Loop
The magnetostrictive sensor can be integrated into a feedback loop to monitor and control the dosing process. The measured fill level information is compared with predefined setpoints, and corresponding control signals are sent to the dosing system to regulate the fill level and maintain the desired flow rate.

Precise Dosing
Due to the high accuracy of magnetostrictive sensors, media can be precisely dosed. Dosage can be continuous or intermittent, depending on the application's requirements.

Monitoring and Control
Magnetostrictive sensors enable continuous monitoring of the dosing process. This includes detecting deviations and early identification of potential issues such as leaks or overdosing.


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