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Level measurement Magnetostrictive

Magnetostrictive level measurement combined with temperature output 4-20mA

  • Use of the combined device MWT -..... is possible in almost all kind of fluids.
  • Detecting levels in petrochemical plants, pharmaceutical, medical facilities, equipment for surface treatment, thin film, wet chemical processes, power plants and other power systems.
  • Sliding tube in different plastics or stainless steel.
  • Very large selection of different designs.
  • Individual solutions of connection, mounting, material, function...



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  • Configure your device individually.
  • Different materials of connection, mounting and float are available.
  • ...

The magnetostrictive level measurement is a high-precision, continuous level measurement for level detection.
The float-controlled sensor consists of a magnetostrictive sensor and a transmitter in the connection housing.
The system delivers an accuracy of up to 0.1%. At the same time, the principle enables a very high resolution of ≤0.5 mm.
In addition, the device is equipped with a temperature sensor, which makes it possible to record the temperature in the process at the same time.

Combined magnetostrictive level and temperature measurements from Engler are characterized by a variety of different connections and mounting options and thus offer every user an application optimized to the process.

Advantages of Combined Magnetostrictive Level and Temperature Measurement:

  • High resolution 0.5 mm and high accuracy 0.1%
  • High linearity
  • 2x analog output 0..10V or 4..20mA for level and temperature
  • Optional interface measurement
  • Many different materials, e.g. Stainless steel, PP or PVDF


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